Intercambio+ combined with our cultural handbook will unite a complementary partnership with experience in language training, cultural heritage and Erasmus+ VET mobilities. The European Commission has identified language learning in Europe as a specific issue that needs to be addressed. Multilingualism in the workplace is extremely beneficial, nevertheless approximately 50% of EU citizens can only speak and understand their mother tongue. This project intends to overcome some of the barriers of language learning combined with encouraging cultural appreciation, integration and awareness.

Produce a cultural handbook with linguistic assistance, aimed at vocational providers of language learning qualifications and Erasmus+ sending organisations operating in this sector

Promote professional development of staff and learners from all partner organisations, alongside integration of community organisations

Foster greater European cooperation in the both culture and language training

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Here’s why you should try an intercambio!

Here’s why you should try an intercambio!

Our previous blog posts looked at some of the best online tools for finding a language exchange partner during the pandemic, but as restrictions ease and more events take place, the opportunity to attend an intercambio away from your computer screen and meet...